What type of IT support do I need?

Monday 28 Aug 2017 05 am

Proactive IT Support

We offer scheduled maintenance and monitoring software that continually logs activity from your computer network environment. That means when any problems occur, big or small, we are alerted immediately and can review and repair as required. Our technicians regularly log onto the servers to review the infrastructure, maintain updates and check back-ups are functioning properly. Data loss prevention policies, disaster recovery plans and business continuity documentation are all core offerings at Smartm8 and vital for any business environment.

Reactive IT Support

Monitoring and reporting tools can be setup to alert when something goes wrong or is not functioning to full capacity like it should. These alert systems can be monitored by Smartm8 or by the client directly depending which service level you prefer.

Help Desk

When something goes wrong or stops functioning like it should the Help Desk line is just a phone call away. We can run through troubleshooting and also offer remote support by logging in to your system to detect the problem that has occurred. Depending on the problem we may be able to repair remotely or arrange for mobile technical support to repair onsite.

At Smartm8 we offer customised IT support packages that caters to suit your business and gives you complete value for money. We will only ever promote services you will actually use. Contact us to request a quote to suit your business.