Top 5 benefits of migrating to Windows Azure – Brisbane tech support

Thursday 01 Dec 2016 08 am

Microsoft Windows Azure is a cloud computing solution, which effectively allows businesses to host their applications on “The Cloud” so they don’t need to purchase and run internal servers.

Benefits include:

1. Budget friendly

A complete office server setup can be costly, not only to purchase the equipment for but also to setup, maintain and run. With Windows Azure your only costs are for the resources and applications you choose to run in your office environment. You only pay for what you use. As your company grows and increases the demand for data storage, additional users and applications the price adjusts to suit your specific needs.

2. Reliable and functional

With cloud data solutions you are gaining the benefit of multiple levels of redundancy. If one server fails another will be there to continue the service uninterrupted. It is also designed to run on any device including mobile apps.

3. Easily managed and upgraded

Microsoft manage all hardware maintenance and upgrades ensuring you are always using the most up to date resources. Microsoft Azure supports a range of programming languages, tools and frameworks including Microsoft ranges as well as third party programs and systems. New applications are seamlessly added as the need arises, and scalable to meet peaks in demand.

4. Scalable

Windows Azure offers nearly infinite scalability, virtually unlimited capacity, blazing performance and extremely quick provision times. Easily adjust the storage requirements as required.

5. Support Network

Windows Azure has a massive community support network for developers that is ideal for added support and problem troubleshooting. Questions can easily be raised on Azure forums.

While it is possible to migrate your existing server infrastructure to the Azure Cloud it also unlocks the potential for a lot more interesting solutions you may not have even considered before.

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