Protect your Social Media

Tuesday 13 Nov 2018 01 pm

Quick tip for social media security

It is important to secure all your social media and email accounts beyond selecting a unique, complex password. We'll help you secure your social media in 2 minutes.


A hack on your social media platforms can damage your online reputation in several ways! Imagine all your work/school colleagues being spammed links to inappropriate and/or pornographic materials? Posts made under your name that do not reflect your opinions? Private messages sent to your contacts?

How about a hack on your email? When you click that forgot password option on your social media and online platforms, where do you think that reset email goes to? Protect your email too!


You can enable multifactor authentication on most online platforms now, and it’s surprising it isn’t compulsory. Multi-factor authentication is the process of authenticating via more than one method. ie: 1) your password (something you know) and 2) your phone (something you have).

Here’s how to enable:

Twitter: click your avatar/picture in the top right and then select settings and privacy. You’ll find an option called “Login verification”. Enabling this will require future login attempts from new devices to re-authenticate with a code sent to your mobile phone.

Facebook: click the down arrow in the top right next to the help question mark, click security and logon, turn on two-factor authentication.

Instagram: Select your profile (the person icon in the top right), select the cog next to the edit profile button, select privacy and security, scroll down and enable Two-Factor Authentication

Google: Select your avatar/picture in the top right, click google Account, select the sign-in and security heading, scroll down and enable 2-Step Verification.


Each platform takes about 2 minutes to enable! The correct answer is right now.

What else can I do?

Follow me on your favourite Social Media platforms where I’ll post regular tips. I run corporate security awareness training sessions for organisations of all sizes. Get in contact with me directly for more information or contact my office on Free-call 1800 770 868.

~ From Daniel's Desk.