Friday 31 Mar 2017 04 am

Microsoft Bookings is available to customers who have an Office 365 Business Premium Subscription and is an online and mobile app designed to schedule and manage appointments.

Managing appointments via phone and emails can be time consuming and hard to track. With Microsoft Bookings you can bring in business 24/7 which saves you time and removes the risk of missing appointments.

How does it work?

Bookings gives you a custom web page where your appointments can be scheduled, rescheduled and cancelled. Customers can select the service they want, with the staff member they want, select an available appointment and enter their details to make a booking. The page works seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices.

You can manage bookings from anywhere by logging into the centralised calendar where you have a birds eye view of all appointments. From this platform you can reschedule, cancel or re-assign appointments to other staff members.

Bookings also helps you stay in touch with your customers as each contact is saved in your customer list. Aside from a handy reminder system for upcoming appointments it also integrates with Outlook and Google calendars.

Only the account holder needs an Office 365 business premium account, staff members and customers can use any email service. No need to install any apps, bookings are accessed via a web based booking page.

For more details about Microsoft Bookings please contact us, we are more than happy to help get you setup.