How to secure my business against cyber attacks (Brisbane QLD)

Monday 29 Oct 2018 11 am

Did you know that as of 2017, Australia was ranked number TWO when it comes to the highest level of malicious attacks via email-borne links?

80% (4 out of 5) data security breaches within businesses are a result of human error.

Industries targeted most by email malware include public administration, wholesale trade, mining, agriculture/forestry/fishing, manufacturing, retail/trade, construction, services, finance/insurance/real estate and transportation.

Large companies and small businesses are targeted equally.

In 2017 Symantec reported blocking 223,066,372 web threat attacks - that's 611,141 per DAY. The risk is real and protection has never been more important.

It is vital that your entire organisation is educated as it will drastically reduce the risk and help boost confidence when in an online environment.

At Smartm8 we have developed a highly informative training program that has a unique twist designed to completely engage even the toughest crowds. Learning is the by-product in our approach making it an invaluable investment.

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