Super-Fast Fibre Internet

Sunday 18 Feb 2018 06 am

Fast fibre internet. In Brisbane - and the rest of Australia - many consider it a myth. But it IS real, and today we’re exploring why it’s needed, and what you can do to get it.

As amusing as this video is, it’s also sadly true.

Australia’s internet just doesn’t stack up the infrastructure enjoyed by other first world countries.

And if the only reason for complaining was to get our Game of Thrones hit faster or stream Netflix in high-definition, then the shouting might seem hollow.

But it’s not just consumers that rely on fast internet. Businesses with slow or unreliable connections can be crippled. And the so-called “next generation” internet that’s been gradually rolled out isn’t just making things worse.

Horror stories haunting Aussie Internet

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has been condemned by many as a shambolic affair. And by international benchmarks, Australia’s standing in the Internet ranks has been much diminished.

But it’s not so much as the big picture that worries us. It’s the small, personal, “heard it from a friend” horror stories that spark fear into the hearts of many hesitant to hook into the new network.

Some people, after seeing what their neighbours are experiencing, have decided to stay off the NBN for as long as possible.

Others have turned it into a political affair.

Some have actually had police help with handling their NBN problems.

But for business, the stakes go higher. Those that rely on internet connections could be hamstrung, leaking lost profits and customers by the day. Simple operations that their competitors around are doing every day become a never-ending, torturous affair.

Why Business Needs Fast Internet

Putting entertainment and consumer uses aside for a moment (even though the commercial value in these areas are immense too), Australian business needs fast fibre internet. Brisbane, as Australia’s third largest city, is certainly no exception to that.

There are plenty of reasons businesses need a large pipeline in this day of online commerce, but here are three of the most important.

File sharing

Businesses often send large files or data, either to themselves in other cities or countries, or other companies altogether. And depending on their connection’s bandwidth, it can be quicker to ship those files by courier than send via the Internet (yes, we ARE in 2018).

Back up

Many businesses deal with a lot of data just for their internal systems and purposes.

Naturally, they want to back these up - and cloud solutions are a popular way to do this. However, without a fast connection, cloud or other online storage solutions become infeasible or unreliable.

Video conferencing

It’s touted as a much cheaper alternative than flying a dozen (or more) executives across the country.

And it is.

But video conferencing relies on a fast, steady internet. Without it, businesses are forced to move back to face-to-face meetings.

Those 3 are more “general purpose” reasons. We could delve into industry-specific uses for businesses like medical centres, web hosting or software development.

But all is not lost.

A solution is at hand

Fortunately, Brisbane CBD businesses don’t have to suffer any more.

We’re proud to introduce... Fast Fibre Internet. (cue trumpets blaring in celebration).

For $399/month, you can enjoy 400/400 Mbps with no download/upload limits.

If you need more than double the speed, your business can enjoy speeds of up to 1000/1000 Mbps for just $799/month.

(By the way, this speed would download the latest GoT episode in HD within 3 seconds… not that you’d ever use it for that)

Slow internet doesn’t have to be a horror story (or tragi-comedy) for business. Fibre internet in Brisbane is giving companies a way to escape the unreliable, turtle-like connections that tens of thousands of consumers are straddled with.

We’d love to help you escape too.