Email and Cloud Migration Solutions Brisbane

At Smartm8 we are able to provide you with the technology, resources and expertise necessary to launch your business into the cloud.

We take the time to listen to your needs and understand your business. We can then offer advice tailored to your specific needs so you get the best solution. We have years of experience working with a broad range of clients and have become a trusted partner for many. We never stop learning - we keep up to date with new technologies and review their potential to provide value to our clients.

Migration Solutions
Smartm8 have the experience and expertise to migrate businesses from one service, platform or place to another. We move data using our collection of tools, services, and experienced team members. We focus on security and accuracy while minimising downtime.

Cloud Email
We provide advice and assistance to promote the full utilisation of services such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365. We can migrate all of your existing mail to the cloud delivering no downtime and no lost mail.

Data Storage
Is your business storing data onsite? Is it backed up regularly and reliably to a secure offsite location? Smartm8 can help get your data out of your building and onto a massively redundant, securely hosted service for ultimate peace of mind. Increase team productivity by improving access to your data for employees and services. We can also assist with cloud replication options.

Moving to the cloud can increase productivity by simplifying access to your applications wherever you are while you benefit from the automated upgrades, security, and redundancy built into these solutions. It is the way of the future!

Ongoing Support
Once your business is on the right platform we want to see you get the most value out of your new services. We deliver services for your cloud of choice and can manage and maintain your environment. Get the most out of your new systems. We are constantly researching new services, software, and solutions and we are always eager to share our findings.