Cyber Security Awareness Training for Businesses

In this modern world emails, websites and internet access is part and parcel of any business from large corporate to small home-based businesses. The ability to safely navigate these platforms can make a huge difference to the overall security of your business.

Cyber security is no longer the sole responsibility of your IT department. Every employee, no matter how tech-savvy they are (or aren't) should be aware of their role in keeping the business safe and secure. Educating your team helps to reduce your risk and exposure to the malicious intentions of cyber attackers across all platforms.


We believe that if you educate and secure the people you have working with you then you reduce the risk and loss of data, information, finances, downtime and reputation. Once threats are understood they can be avoided and managed more efficiently.

We have found many organisations struggle to find a productive way to train their team on Cyber Security Awareness which is why Smartm8 have developed this highly interactive, interesting and enjoyable training platform. Our program is designed to align with your own business goals with a focus on prevention, detection and incident response.

Reduce the risk of your employees being tricked by clever and convincing spam, phishing and viral emails, websites and social links. This is one of the largest points of exploitation in businesses and tactics are getting sneakier by the day. By regularly offering training to your management and team members it can reduce incidents and security breaches and make them more confident in the online environment.


Training group sizes
We can cater training for groups of any size. Please contact us for a quote to suit your business structure and compliance needs. Discounts apply to multi-sessions and larger organisations.

While sessions are currently primarily offered in Brisbane QLD we are available to travel to other locations and can supply a quote on request.


Training sessions run for 60 minutes each.


  • Assists with security standards compliance including PCI DSS / ISO 27002
  • Reduces data security risks and breaches (statistics suggest 4 out of 5 breaches are due to human error)
  • Fun and engaging sessions that really do educate in a unique way


  • About Cyber Security
  • Current threats and risks
  • Virus and Malware
  • Online awareness
  • Web security
  • Email security
  • Safe transfer of sensitive data
  • PII & PCI


  • Onsite training session (we come to you)
  • Executive summary report
  • Team member survey result reports from training session

No more boring training sessions, it's time to try something fresh and interesting. With interaction via technology, we pull all attendees together in a united online trivia gaming style platform where they compete to showcase exactly how much they know, whilst absorbing new information along the way. Not only do they have fun during the session but a full report shows you exactly who knows what. Multiple sessions allows you to track progress in the ever-changing cyber world to ensure your team remain informed, confident and educated.

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