Smartm8 Cyber Security Business Packages

Our Cyber Security Subscription Packages are cost-effective and designed to cater for businesses of all sizes. We offer a highly comprehensive solution which includes manual tests to ensure your business is receiving professional, industry leading security and not budget automated scans.

Subscriptions are based on a per seat per month structure. Add and remove seats as you need each month.

Subscription Benefits

  • Meet security compliance standards
  • Reduce costly data security risks and breaches
  • Access to industry leading security services at affordable prices
  • Priority servicing
  • Single dedicated specialist to work through your business requirements

Customised to suit your requirements

  • Select a package that best suits your individual cyber security and business needs
  • Pay for what you use - flexible monthly billing allowing you to scale up and down to suit your team and seat requirements
  • Bundle other tech support and mail services into one convenient package

Smart M8 Cyber Security INCLUSIONS


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Cyber-attacks are growing in cost, size, and impact globally. Complete the form below and we will send you the Under Attack: The Year In Breach e-book, a review of 2018 breach statistics and insights to better understand the risks and protect your business. We will be in touch shortly to discuss your specific requirements.